PlaNET APP Promo
PlaNet is an amazing social action platform that facilitates the regeneration of our planet. It is like not other social platform, PlaNet is purely action oriented towards combating the climate crisis.

For the promo video I joined the team of vexquisit studio as in intern and was a part of the whole process starting at storyboarding, as well as illustrating and animating.
I had the special task to rig and animate the characters, what was great fun and good practice. I included a rig for the 3 main characters that gave them the oppurtunity, to turn from one shoulder to another. All 36 characters were rigged in duik. The face rigs were created with joystick and sliders.

Client: Climate Action System
Director, Producer, Art Director: Roxy Velez
Script Writing & VO: Damon Gameau

Motion Design: Christina Walther, Juliana Castro
Illustration: Juliana Castro, Christina Walther, Natália S. Brondani
Character Design: Natália S. Brondani, Christina Walther
2D Animation: Beethowen Souza, Jenny Lewis, Gilson Rolim, Christina Walther, Roxy Vélez
Character Animation: Christina Walther, Jenny Lewis, Beethowen Souza
3D Animation: Alae Hatoum
Editing & Compositing: Roxy Vélez
Music Compositing & Sound Design: Michael Fakesch


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