I'm a motion designer and visual thinker. I love to communicate ideas and solutions through moving images. Animation is a powerful and delightful tool to inspire and engage an audience.
~ I love bringing ideas to life ~

Although it may sound cheesy, this is the aspect about animation I enjoy the most. The opportunity to bring anything to life without limitations.
I truly believe that every projects has its own needs and has its own voice. Thats why I try to keep my design capabilities flexible. Together we can find the design language of your project.

~ from fashion to motion ~

I initially majored in fashion design, but left the field early to work in the film industry. I've been working for costume departments of many various projects for over ten years, ranging from small german productions to major international film productions. I have always liked working in teams and am continually facinated at how things come together while everyone perfectly executes their individual roles.
It came a time when I needed to unleash my creativity and tackle my own projects.
 ~ becoming a self-taught motion designer ~

In 2018, I began devoting all of my free time and focus to mastering motion design. I studied animation, as well as design and illustration, in order to be able to produce videos on my own, from storyboarding to the final render. I enjoy every part of it.
The School of Motion played a big part in helping me to develop the skills I have today. But I also read every book I could get my hands on and enrolled in classes through a variety of online learning platforms. Besides animation skills I also studied concepts such as storytelling and the influence of design. Of course, I bring in my experience from film sets, talking about compositions, movement and the value of detail.
But, most importantly, I will constantly continue to study and enhance my skill set, because I love what I do.

~ Do you still have questions? ~
Good! Ask me!
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